Peace of mind with a temperature check

Dublin-based Global Security Devices has innovated yet another timely security solution that stands out from the crowd

4th July, 2020
Peace of mind with a temperature check
Peter O’Connor, chief executive of Global Security Devices. They have added temperature screening to their facial recognition solutions.

Access control has always been at the forefront of what GSD provides. For 14 years it has been innovating, designing and manufacturing intruder alarm solutions controlled by the smartphone and access control solutions that include keypad, proximity readers and biometric fingerprint technology.

On the verge of adding facial recognition to its access control systems, the company stumbled upon a new issue it could solve. Given the Covid-19 outbreak, GSD believed a temperature screening solution would help.

“We looked at utilising our technology to add temperature screening to our facial recognition with a view to bringing to market touch-free access control with temperature screening included. GSD brought the solution to the Irish market in late April,” said Peter O’Connor, chief executive of GSD.

The GSD Facial Recognition and Temperature Screening console can be installed in the lobby of a nursing home, a food processing facility, office, clinic or school and become part of your protocol for all staff, visitors and suppliers to be temperature- screened before gaining further access to the building.

It’s been designed using World Health Organisation guidelines and supports Health Information and Quality Authority recommendations for recording employee, date, time and temperature information.

“It’s operational in minutes after installation. It can be wall-mounted and connected to the access control system by a security installer,” said O’Connor, “or we provide it on a pedestal and in that case it’s just a matter of plugging it in and it self-calibrates in 90 seconds.

“The system can store up to 20,000 employees and it also has an option to identify if somebody is wearing a mask. If it’s the policy of the business an alarm will sound if they are not. It’s GDPR-compliant and accurate to 0.3 degrees C, emailing a High Temperature Alert if a person presents above 37.3 degrees C.”

The system has proved popular with nursing homes as it provides peace of mind to those involved since the outbreak of Covid-19.

“The reason I went with it was it’s contactless for visitors,” said Seamus Sarsfield, chief executive of Hibernia Nursing Home Group.

“Before the visitor gets a metre into the premises, and without coming into contact with staff, their temperature is logged, and a photograph is taken.

“We have changed our GDPR policy, as working with public health everybody must ring for a visit, so we’ll ask all the relevant questions then and give an allotted time. We store the information for visitors for 30 days, then it’s erased.”

“One of the reasons we were attracted to GSD was we always try to source locally,” said Nigel McGuire, Chief Brand Officer, Bartra Healthcare, which has purchased for both its care homes and head office.

“For us it’s an essential biosecurity provision. It enhances the safety of our care homes, with all visitors and team members required to have their temperature checked before entry. We have also installed the facility in our head office to keep our corporate teams safe.”

GSD, a Guaranteed Irish company, is currently in discussions with schools to see how its system can help protect the health and well-being of teachers and students, further supporting the Department of Education Guidelines.

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