Own a piece of the Irish whiskey story

Own a piece of the Irish whiskey story

Boann Distillery wins ‘Best in the World Award’ for its Newmake Spirit

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29th March, 2021

Boann Distillery, which was earlier awarded the ‘Best Irish Newmake Spirit 2021’, has now been doubly crowned with the ‘World’s Best Newmake Spirit’ accolade in the World Whiskies Awards 2021.

Newmake Spirit is the term applied to the newly distilled spirit which, after spending three years in wood, can by law be called Irish whiskey.

The Cooney family, who have been in the drinks business for nearly 50 years, have come into this market with the ambition to craft some of the finest triple-distilled Irish single pot still whiskey for discerning whiskey lovers and collectors the world over.

Demand for Irish whiskey continues to grow on the world stage

Irish whiskey sales have grown from five million cases in 2015 to 12 million cases in 2020 with further growth expected. Incredibly, this still only gives Irish whiskey about 2.6 per cent of the world whiskey market, so it is evident that the potential for growth is very large.

At Boann, three bespoke copper pot stills take centre stage in the modern glass-fronted building just outside Drogheda. The family vision for the future combines the traditional craft with leading distillation technology. Every ingredient is Irish sourced, from local barley, wheat, oats and rye to Boyne Valley spring water.

Boann Distillery specialises in single pot still whiskey

Boann commenced distilling in December 2019 with its first casks filled on the Winter Solstice.

Single Pot Still Whiskey is the quintessential Irish whiskey. It is unique to Ireland. Its history goes back to the imposition of the Malt Tax in 1682 when the wily Irish distillers used unmalted barley to outwit the excise men. As a consequence, it was realised over time that unmalted barley gave the finished whiskey a more rounded and mellow flavour and this most distinctive style of Irish whiskey was born.

Unique programme of cask sales – an opportunity to own a piece of the Irish whiskey story

Boann has recently embarked on a unique programme of cask sales which incorporates the best of Irish Single Pot Still Newmake Spirit across 12 different cask types. An opportunity to own a piece of Irish whiskey history for generations to come, this programme is for the casual whiskey lover or discerning whiskey enthusiast and affords the buyer the chance to go on the journey of cask to glass with their very own cask.

It also demonstrates the changing character of the maturation of the spirit and the contribution of both the spirit and wood in the creation of the final whiskey.

For the adventurous investor, Boann is also offering the Portfolio Cask Offer. Investing in whiskey is becoming more popular as people look to alternative investment options.

To discover more about the Boann Distillery Cask Offer, email [email protected] or visit boanndistillery.ie


* Winner ‘World‘s Best Newmake Spirit’ – World Whiskies Awards 2021

The Boann Cask Offers

As either a Private Cask or Portfolio Cask owner, you will own a cask or casks, complete with Boann Certificate of authenticity.

You will be rewarded with a Boann tasting book to record your whiskey adventure plus a welcome box including your certificate of authenticity, and a 200ml sample of the “World’s Best Newmake Spirit”.*

All Newmake Spirit will be laid down to mature for five years, in premium barrels, with maturation time extensions possible with warehouse owners available by agreement.

You will have a choice of casks to age your whiskey, including bourbon, rum, NEOC (New Era Oak Cask), fino sherry, marsala, moscatel, port, madeira, oloroso sherry,

Pedro Ximenez. Prices start from €3,150.

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