Life at Auxilion: a career without limits

Life at Auxilion: a career without limits

The IT services and solutions provider is an expert in building long-term partnerships

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7th November, 2021

Auxilion is a leading provider of digitally transformative IT services and solutions. Our mission is to build digital thinking into our customers’ business. Thinking which creates opportunities and solves problems. Thinking which understands our customers’ model, their unique circumstance, and help them use technology to make the most of them.

But thinking alone isn’t enough. We’re also experts in building long-term partnerships. In embedding not just our solutions, but our capabilities into your business. Not just supporting your team but becoming part of it.

Because when we first started our only job was to deliver on behalf of others. And when you start from that place, you don’t just think different, you do different. You’re built different.

The Auxilion team

Our people enable every success we have. They’re the reason our customers like working with us and they share a common set of values and an ethos. It’s about support. Only through ongoing support, guidance, governance, troubleshooting and engagement can we ensure that our solutions create ongoing value for long-term success.

It’s about longevity. We think in long-term partnerships, that embed sustainable solutions and ongoing support into our customers’ business strategy. Humility matters. We operate without ego, happy to ensure we put our customers needs first.

Integrity is in our DNA. We are truthful and honest with ourselves and others: we fulfil our commitments on time and acknowledge and learn from our mistakes. Before anything else, we aim to create understanding. Only then can we identify the right solutions to enable our customers’ strategies, unleash their potential and engage their human talent. Finally, we measure our success in terms of the impact our solutions create, maximising efficiency and effectiveness.

Our commitment

We’re hiring more than 100 people in the next couple of years and these are the traits and values that we’ll be looking for in our new teammates. And when they bring these to the table, then our commitment to them is a career without limits. A career path that offers constant access to opportunity: upskilling and development, internal mobility, career advancement, coaching and personal growth.

We’re committed to fostering a culture that supports engaged and rewarded employees, to recognise talent and potential, to demonstrate a commitment to provide access to opportunity and, above all else, to do the right thing by our employees.

If you’re considering a career change and want to see if Auxilion is the right company for you, contact us at [email protected] or To register for our ‘Auxilion in the Spotlight’ event on November 11, visit

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