Keeping all your data in one place

No two organisations have the same cloud strategy. For Global cloud data management specialists Rubrik, this means that expert help is more necessary than ever

8th November, 2020
Keeping all your data in one place
John McCleverty, Rubrik’s country manager for Ireland

Big data, structured data, unstructured data, data analytics – buzzwords abound, but the fact remains that more and more businesses are collecting, collating, processing and storing data as a central part of their day-to-day activities.

This has only been possible because of the cloud: specifically, the explosion in available storage, and the ability to scale it up and down rapidly, but the attendant collapse in the price of computation.

It brings complexity with it, too, though. One major issue is data fragmentation.

“As data becomes more fragmented, Rubrik enables organisations to simplify the management and protection of that data,” said Patrick Merrigan, sales engineer at Rubrik Ireland.

Founded in Palo Alto in the heart of Silicon Valley, Rubrik’s presence in Ireland began in 2018 with its 24/7 support centre in Cork. It boasts an impressive CSAT of 98.6 per cent and Audited Net promoter score of 82. This is due to its skilled Level 2 and Level 3 support engineers.

“Organisations have data in the data centre, some at the edge in remote offices and cloud. We give them the ability to easily search, protect and recover that data,” said Merrigan.

“If you think of the ecosystem of a whole enterprise, data protection is one of the only solutions that touches data no matter where it resides, our key objective is to provide a single software platform that delivers backup, instant recovery, archival, search, analytics, compliance, and copy data management in one secure fabric across data centres and cloud.”

Patrick Merrigan, sales engineer at Rubrik Ireland

Rubrik’s country manager for Ireland, John McCleverty, said that data protection with Rubrik extends beyond backup and recovery; combining metadata from dispersed data sets across the enterprise into a single system of record to provide context and transform backup data into a business asset.

Perhaps surprisingly tape backup is still in use, but more customers are looking to utilise cloud as a tape replacement for long term retention, where costs, mobility and security are some of the key factors in moving to cloud.

“In the Irish market both Azure and AWS play a significant part of our strategy. Today, Rubrik is the number one ISV [independent software vendor] data protection partner with Azure, closely matched by AWS. We’ve worked with [Irish] customers through all stages of their journey to cloud, from the initial data migration to the ability to protect native cloud workloads,” said McCleverty.

Moving to cloud backup not only brings reliability, it also helps organisations eliminate operational complexity while maintaining governance, compliance, and security. As a result, enterprises can now achieve business uptime, accelerate development, and leverage the cloud to enable digital and cloud transformation.

McCleverty said that fears about spiralling costs in the public cloud are often overstated. After all, individual files are recovered rather than gigabyte-sized or even terabyte-sized lumps of data.

“In fact, egress costs are minimal as Rubrik customers can perform granular file level recovery from the cloud. Microsoft has said [that] ‘with Rubrik it’s four clicks to the cloud’. I know that’s a common theme among vendors, but it’s true,” said McCleverty.

His colleague Patrick Merrigan explained that this has always been the goal.

“The core principle of Rubik is simplicity and scalability, as organisations look to implement a cloud strategy, you need a single solution across on-premises to cloud to meet compliance, implement governance, and defend against cyber-attacks such as Ransomware. Rubrik provides all these capabilities for our customers today,” he said.

“We can also integrate our APIs [application programming interfaces] into any monitoring and service tools, which can provide self-service to the end user as Rubrik is built on 100 per cent RESTful [representational state transfer web services] APIs.”

Because cloud backup is comprehensive and live, it also has recovery (DR) functions, something that was previously seen as separate.

“We have functionality where we can recover systems and databases in seconds or minutes, rather than hours as before, which enables organisations to use Rubrik for test-dev, DR or analytics,” said Merrigan.

Alongside working on all of the hyperscaler public clouds — AWS, Azure and Google — notable platforms protected include VMWare, Oracle and SQL.

Security is also high on the agenda and with ransomware becoming more and more of a concern for organisations we have Built-in immutability combined with data encryption at-rest and in-transit. Rubrik provides a holistic stance on security, data integrity, and ransomware remediation, Merrigan said.

This ability – and Rubrik’s expertise – has been recognised: analysts Gartner puts Rubrik in the top-right quadrant, the leadership category, of its magic quadrant for data centre backup and recovery solutions and highest in this category for Vision.

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