Jobs for PRINCE2 Project Managers

29th June, 2018

Finding the perfect career can seem like an impossible mission at times. The fact is that many people are currently looking for work that is interesting, rewarding and fulfilling.

One type of career that you might not have considered is that of project manager. This is a type of role that companies all over the world need to fill. So, what is it all about and what benefits does it offer?

A Natural Career Progression

Sometimes a job can be fine for a while but will eventually feel too limited in nature. This istypically the case when there are relatively few prospects for progressing.

The good news is that a project manager can follow a natural career progression. They often start out as business analysts, gaining experience and knowledge with the likes of the PRINCE2 courses Dublin, London, Manchester and other big cities offer.

They may then move on to becoming a senior business analyst before taking charge of their own projects. All of this means that a newcomer can see what kind of career they are likely to have before they get started.

Even once they become a fully qualified project manager, their career should continue to move forwards. The project manager role itself is often divided into different levels, such as junior and senior roles. This means that the worker gets a better salary and more complex projects as they gain experience.

Varied and Interesting Work

It is also worth remembering that even the most interesting job can get boring over time. Carrying out the same tasks over and over again is likely to make anyone lose interest in their work eventually.

Project management is hugely satisfying even after a number of years, thanks to the varied and interesting tasks that it involves. No two projects are the same or need the same approach. This means learning new skills through experience and by going on the likes of PowerPoint, Word and Excel courses.

This role also gives the chance to learn more technical skills as well. Project managers may opt to widen their knowledge by attending SQL courses or picking up skills on subjects such as Java, Python and other technical subjects.

Of course, this is vitally important in keeping experienced project managers from getting stale over time. It is the kind of role that can feel fresh and interesting even after a number of years.

A Lot of Flexibility

It is fair to say that project management is one of the most flexible careers around. This role can be carried out according to the worker’s lifestyle in a lot of cases. For instance, it is suitable for remote working from home and with flexible working hours.

Since companies in all sort of industries need PRINCE2 project managers, it is also a good career for trying out different working environments. This can stop the job from becoming a routine, by allowing the project manager to use the same skills in different settings.

Globally in Demand

One of the key advantages for project managers is that they are in demand all over the world. Businesses from every country on the planet need to run slick, professional projects that truly deliver.

The PRINCE2 Training certification is widely accepted in many countries as well. This means that it is possible to switch to working abroad more easily with this qualification.

Even more opportunities can be opened up by taking other training as well. For instance, a PRINCE2 project manager who has also taken Agile courses and looked into methodologies such as Scrum and Lean will have a lot more to offer potential employers anywhere in the world.

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