'IT Pro’s are ignoring the fact that the cloud can help them become more productive and innovative'

Kevin Greene, Azure Cloud Lead and Senior Consultant with Ergo on the challenges facing Cloud Adoption in Ireland

28th September, 2018

What's your name?

Kevin Greene

Kevin Greene, Azure Cloud Lead and Senior Consultant with Ergo

What position do you hold?

Azure Cloud Lead and Senior Consultant with Ergo

How long have you held the position?

I’ve been working with Ergo for 13 years now.

What are your day to day responsibilities?

Delivering cool solutions to our customers and working with an awesome team of geeks!

What is your professional background?

I started out fixing printers and fax machines for a small company in Dublin named Oltech Systems and then moved into the IT Pro world with a company in Kildare named CDSoft - initially as a ‘break-fix’ engineer travelling around the country in a van fixing and deploying servers, then later as a Senior Consultant and Technical Team Lead. Following the acquisition of CDSoft by Ergo, I continued my role there as a Senior Consultant but with a more specific focus in the area of Cloud and Datacentre Management using Microsoft technologies. My work in this role encouraged me to share my real-world experiences with the IT community through blogging and social media and in 2012, I was presented with the Microsoft MVP award in the Cloud and Datacenter Management space. Thankfully, someone in Microsoft thinks I’m doing a good job sharing my knowledge with the community and I’ve been re-awarded the MVP each year since! These days, my role in Ergo is to develop and work with our Azure Cloud offerings and help customers transform how they operate with cloud technologies over the next few years.

Tell me about yourself away from work?

Away from work, I’m most happy hanging out with my family and supporting Man Utd in their quest to return to the pinnacle of football!

Tell us something very few people know about you?

I once went through a whole day of work with two odd shoes on (in my defence, they were the same colour and very similar in style)!

You are speaking at the Cloud Camp Summit. What is your talk about?

My session at Cloud Camp is titled ‘All-in with Azure Monitoring’ and I’ll be talking about all the new monitoring features available to you within Microsoft Azure along with giving attendees some tips and tricks to help them deliver better monitoring of their private and public cloud environments.

What challenges do you see for Cloud Adoption in Ireland?

Thankfully, Ireland is a forward-thinking country when it comes to IT transformation and we’re seeing more and more customers migrating their workloads to the public cloud. The biggest challenge I see that could hold back Cloud Adoption here is that too many IT Pro’s are ignoring the fact that the cloud can help transform how their organisation does business by helping them become more productive and innovative. Instead, they fear the cloud as something that can take away their jobs and it’s that fear that stops them wanting to learn the skills they need to keep current.

Where would you like to see the sector in 10 years’ time?

Fully in the cloud of course!

-Kevin Greene is an Azure Cloud Lead and Senior Consultant with Ergo. He is speaking at the Cloud Camp Summit on October 17th at the Convention Centre. For more information visit cloudcamp.ie

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