Is your company data safe?

Is your company data safe?

Companies are now acutely aware of the dangers of a cyberattack. Is your company data safe?

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17th June, 2021

Stryve, based in Carlow, is Europe’s fastest-growing Private Cloud and Cyber Security company. Paul Delahunty, Chief Security Officer with Stryve, shares his essential checklist to help SMEs defend against a cyberattack.

1. Backups, Backups, Backups

The value of your data cannot be underestimated. Companies must keep a backup of data offsite. Stryve recommends that companies increase the frequency of backups, vary the locations of your data storage, and retain multiple copies of their data for maximum protection. Has your business considered immutable storage for your backups? This means that your data is fixed, unchangeable and can never be deleted. This will offer the best protection for your backups when it comes to malware or ransomware.

Gillian Moody, General Manager, Stryve

2. Test, Test, Test

Regular penetration testing allows you to discover and remedy your vulnerabilities before a hacker does. “You have to stay one step ahead,” said Stryve’s General Manager, Gillian Moody.

3. People, people, people

Stryve, whose clients range from Irish SMEs to European Government Departments, say attacks are often a personnel issue.

Delahunty offers the following advice, “the people in any organisation are both the strongest line of defence and the weakest underbelly. They are the strongest when properly trained to have a cybersecurity outlook. The company must embrace a cybersecurity ethos, and this must come from the top down. Data security should not be the responsibility of the tech department alone. It needs to be a standing item at senior management and board meetings. Regular training must be routine.”

What measures does your business have in plan to ensure your staff are fully trained and aware of tactics used by hackers?

4. Plan, Plan, Plan

Build a company security roadmap by making a list of the assets that are the most critical to your business and put a disaster recovery solution in place to protect them. Test it regularly.

Andrew Tobin, CEO Stryve said, “most big-name competitors use public cloud. Stryve’s fully private secure cloud solution is completely protected by our own security operations centre. Owning our own private cloud means Stryve can guarantee data sovereignty. My advice, give your data security as much attention as you would any cash flow or P&L document.”

Stryve offers private cloud storage, infrastructure, backup, security and penetration testing. Its private cloud solutions offer bespoke and scalable solutions to each individual client. Stryve prides itself on its fully private solution, guaranteed data sovereignty and an impressive eight second recovery time.

For details on how Stryve can help you secure your company’s data, visit:

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