Interxion-DLR provides data centres for the support of active Public Cloud platforms

‘There is a planned change to hybrid IT by many customers’ says Seamus Matthews, Director, Enterprise Indirect Business Segment, Interxion

16th June, 2021
Interxion-DLR provides data centres for the support of active Public Cloud platforms

1.What is your current role at Interxion?

Seamus Matthews is my name. I am Senior Director, Enterprise Indirect Business Segment, with responsibility for the development of strategic alliances with global OEMs & System Integrators for Interxion EMEA and Digital Realty worldwide.

2.Who are your main clients and what trends are you seeing in the requests for services they make/types of capability they need?

Our customers are a blend of local and international organisations – they range from enterprise companies to global service providers.

i.Enterprise customers typically need to host compute and storage equipment with direct access to specific carriers – increasingly they want secure, low latency access to the public clouds from our data centers to support their hybrid and multicloud architectures. Some Enterprises are phasing out their own on-premise data centres and shifting to third party colocation – rather than going directly to the public cloud with certain legacy applications or workloads. We even see Enterprises regard these off-premise deployments as on-premise, given the high level of service they are experiencing in our colocated data centers.

ii.Our global Service Providers include OEMs, System Integrators, Carriers, consultancy companies and all major public cloud providers who increasingly want to belong to our growing community of partners who have complementary offerings to their own. Being a member of our partner community enables these service provider customers to offer superior, interconnected managed services to their enterprise customers.

The shift to end-to-end XaaS managed services is a major trend in the market – we have seen it building over many years but the experience of the pandemic has added even greater impetus.

To enable that transition, or digital transformation, Interxion EMEA and Digital Realty worldwide provides the platform to interconnect all of these Enterprises and Service Providers. That’s how PlatformDIGITAL® supports the delivery of complete IT solutions based on hybrid and multicloud IT architectures.

3.With more and more companies moving to the cloud can you explain the different data center and cloud models available to businesses in Ireland today? Pros and cons of each?

a.Globally today, Interxion EMEA and Digital Realty worldwide provides data centres for the support of active Public Cloud platforms from the largest global companies such as AWS, Azure, and SaaS providers such as ServiceNow, eBay and many many more.

In addition, Interxion EMEA and Digital Realty worldwide supports the hosting of Private Clouds within our data centres, provided by our OEM partners, which are dedicated to individual customers but also Community Clouds which are based around a specific community of interest.

It is also the case that multi-tenanted platforms deployed by in-country service providers in our data centres. All of this is no good unless you can provide the interconnectivity between these multiple types of cloud services, the users and the companies’ corporate headquarters on a global basis.

b.To support these different cloud models Interxion EMEA and Digital Realty worldwide provide a neutral environment for all carriers to interconnect with all of the different cloud platforms of any form or flavor but also between all of these managed services providers and customers directly.

That’s why Interxion data centers in Ireland are the ideal location for MSPs and Enterprise customers to build their hybrid IT (XaaS) architectures.

4.What is data gravity? How do you see this impacting/disrupting businesses?

Data Gravity is the concept used to describe the challenge of managing and planning for the transport, compute, analysis and storage of the growing data volumes we are creating in our fast-growing digital world.

We publish an annual report designed to assist our customers through industry dialogue to help them plan for their data gravity requirements, to understand how data clustering worldwide will impact their business, which helps them make more informed choices on key infrastructure requirements for their data aggregation points.

This also assists our own global strategy team who track global sub-sea cable development and data centre construction. Combining this detail with our DGi® forecast (data gravity index), empowers us to plan effectively and ensure we deliver business value for our customers. This can help inform our construction timeline targets and site selection on a global basis.

5.What do you think will be the biggest game changer for enterprise CIOs in the next 6-12 months?

I believe there is a planned transition towards hybrid and multicloud IT for the vast majority of customers – they ultimately wish to consume/offer IT in the form of managed services, say XaaS. Some Enterprises and Service Providers are at an advanced stage already, others are dipping their toe in the water, and a small few are procrastinating. The journey for them all has either been through deliberate planning and foresight, reactive through business pressure - and some have arrived there by accident but they got there nonetheless.

Irrespective of the route taken, the coming challenges are in the areas of:

1.OPEX management of highly distributed in multiple locations – on-premise on-site, co-location on-premise private cloud and public cloud

2.Identifying the right MSP and cloud model for legacy applications and workloads critical to their business

3.Additional security and regulatory challenges - must be addressed depending on the chosen data residency model.

Just as has been proven throughout the pandemic, Interxion EMEA and Digital Realty worldwide have demonstrated how the combination of its data center facilities, MSP and Service Provider partners – including Public Clouds, OEMs and SIs come together across our local and global locations to mitigate customers risk as they transition to new XaaS business models.

Seamus will be speaking at the CIO & IT Leaders Summit on June 24 2021. See

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