Innovative platform reveals hidden insights and behaviours

Analytics Engines welcomes new investment as corporate insight search & discovery platform goes to market

2nd December, 2020
Innovative platform reveals hidden insights and behaviours
Dr Aislinn Rice, Managing Director, Analytics Engine

Many organisations are not able to connect, link, and explore data held across their organisation and in the public sphere.

They need a clear picture of what’s happening in their networks, but the information they need is often hidden or hard to get to. An innovative new AI and data analytics platform has been created to solve this problem.

Following investment from venture capital fund manager Crescent Capital, Analytics Engines will accelerate their go-to-market strategy for Minerva – an insight search and discovery platform that enables deep insights and hidden patterns to be discovered in the data.

Minerva allows users to surface previously unseen (or deliberately hidden) connections and identify potential third-party risk by showing linkages between individuals, organisations, places, events and documents.

The solution’s low code, no code user interface eliminates technology bottlenecks providing specialist business teams with the freedom and tools they need to do what they do best.

According to Dr Aislinn Rice, Analytics Engines managing director, “Minerva will allow organisations to find value in their data by understanding their networks and surfacing previously unseen connections and relationships. We’re very pleased for the ongoing support from Crescent Capital as this represents a significant validation of the business value Minerva provides and the disruptive power of this technology.”

Crescent Capital has been supporting and building high-grade venture-backed companies in Northern Ireland for more than 25 years.

Deirdre Terrins, who led on originating this investment and who manages it as a director for Crescent Capital III LLP, said: “The team at Crescent Capital are firm believers in Analytics Engines’ vision for Minerva and there is a clear and growing appetite for this product. We are delighted to continue to support the Analytics Engines team as they bring this innovative new solution to market.”

Over the past 24 months, Analytics Engines have welcomed industry-leading organisations such as RTÉ, the National Gallery London, Coriolis Technologies and Innovate UK to their roster of clients.

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