If data is power, Emex ensures it is in your hands

If data is power, Emex ensures it is in your hands

Companies and governments are currently guessing their numbers on sustainability and environmental impact, but the Dublin firm’s cloud-based platform solves this problem

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21st November, 2021

Emex is a rapidly growing software as a service (SaaS) company co-founded by Simon Kelly and Richard Wall. Kelly and Wall have worked together on Emex for more than ten years, starting with the development of early software code, and now managing the business as it expands from its Dublin and London base to the USA, the Middle East, and the Far East.

“Building a global software company is something I have been planning since I was a kid. It has always been my dream,” said Kelly.

Emex already has over 40 clients using its platform in markets as diverse as Russia, USA, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. The company was exporting its product from day one, dealing with multinational clients from Britain, Europe and Russia in its early years.

“We cut our teeth on the early product in markets like France, the UK and Russia. This gave us the experience to deal with any large multi-national,” Wall said.

The business was established in 2010. It provides an environmental and social governance (ESG) and environmental health and safety (EHS) software platform, purpose-built to help bridge the gap between clients’ aspirations to be sustainable and their actions.

“ESG, net zero, and climate change are all now commonplace terms in boardrooms across the world,” said Kelly. “Companies are being forced to record and report on this new dataset by clients, investors and regulators.”

As businesses increasingly expand their focus beyond their bottom lines, the value of non-financial data – including environmental, health and safety, and social impact data points – is growing exponentially. But today, this data is difficult to collect and even harder to use, especially at the fidelity needed to satisfy investors and regulators. This poses a major problem considering sustainability’s new role in measuring business success.

“ESG is a game changer for thousands of companies,” said Kelly. “The landscape for companies will radically change over the next ten years as new low carbon winners and losers are sorted out.”

Non-financial corporate disclosures are now a necessity for global companies, with stock exchanges, regulators and investment funds demanding transparent, easily interpretable information in line with standard financial information. This is driven by the global consciousness surrounding sustainability and the global drive to net zero.

The challenge for companies worldwide is twofold. “Data collection across all elements of the business where there is no experience or system historically in place to gather it, on greenhouse gas emissions, governance structures, sustainability metrics.”

There is also the use of collected data to ensure reporting and compliance requirements are satisfied relating to investor reporting, regulatory reporting, brand and corporate image.

Emex solves the collection and reporting conundrum for companies large and small through an end-to-end integrated solution that delivers data collection, reporting and compliance, and also enables performance improvement and analytics to drive business growth and attractiveness to investors.

“Data is a cornerstone of [achieving] sustainability and [countering] climate challenge,” Wall said. “Companies and governments are currently guessing their numbers but Emex solves this.

“At Emex we have experienced phenomenal revenue growth in the past 24 months and this is forecast to multiply in the next three years. Investors in Emex will participate in this growth with their investment driving further excellence in product development and the continued creation of a world-class team.”

The team at Emex now numbers more than 50 people, and this is forecast to expand to over 250 as the company continues to build out its operations in Dublin and around the world.

For further information, see Emex.com

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