Hybrid and multicloud environments: the new normal

Hybrid and multicloud environments: the new normal

How to bridge the gaps in data protection for seamless back-up and recovery

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25th April, 2021

While public cloud providers are responsible for the protection and availability of the cloud, it is still the customer’s responsibility to protect resources in the cloud. This is further complicated by the fact that the in-solution tools that public cloud providers offer are also very different from each other. So, protecting data across a multi-cloud or hybrid environment becomes very tricky.

As enterprises pursue digital transformation, they are adopting the cloud for the agility, flexibility and scale it offers. That often means attempting to choose between a variety of public clouds, while maintaining some on-premises infrastructure.

Today, hybrid or multicloud architectures are almost unavoidable. They occur sometimes by choice, but most often develop organically over time. Enterprises choose cloud providers for specific purposes based on their use cases, budget, technical and business requirements, geographic location and other reasons.

Automatically discover, protect, organise and manage all your data and apps across clouds through a single interface. Consolidate your cloud and on‑prem reporting for a standardised approach to digital compliance and control.

Holistic cloud‑native protection

Purpose‑built data protection solutions don’t work for hybrid and multicloud. Rubrik automates back-up and recovery and centralises management and reporting across your environments.

Policy-based automation

Simplify and automate back-up across hundreds of cloud accounts with a powerful SLA policy engine.

Rapid recovery

Meet the strictest back-up and recovery windows. Rapidly restore a single file or an entire VM with just a few clicks.

Unified management

Manage data protection across AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Microsoft 365 and hybridcloud workloads in one place.

Rubrik delivers cloud-native protection across your entire ecosystem

Achieve a consistent level of data protection and peace of mind by eliminating the complexity of hybrid and multicloud environments. With Rubrik, you get simple, intuitive solutions that allow you to implement data protection policies across public and private clouds and on-premises infrastructure with ease.

Automatically discover, protect, organise and manage all of your data and applications on multiple clouds from a single management pane. Recover data in place cleanly and simply. Rubrik data protection solutions for hybrid and multicloud environments integrate with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform to protect native workloads. You can automate back-up policy management to eliminate time-consuming scripting and manual job scheduling – and access near-zero RTOs, fast object-level recovery, and global management and reporting across your entire ecosystem.

Rubrik, the cloud data management company, enables enterprises to maximise value from data that is increasingly fragmented across data centres and clouds. Rubrik delivers a single, policy-driven platform for data recovery, governance, compliance and cloud mobility.

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