How Vyta can help you safely destroy your most sensitive data

How Vyta can help you safely destroy your most sensitive data

Improperly deleted data can leave businesses open to anything from loss of client trust to court cases. Vyta helps firms ensure that 100 per cent of destroyed data is unrecoverable

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16th October, 2021

Data breaches frequently dominate the headlines and for good reason. If successful, they can negatively impact almost every industry. They can lead to significant business downtime and erode customer trust.

Businesses must therefore ensure that they deploy the most stringent security measures at all times, and that includes devices that they no longer use. Many users still believe that a quick factory reset can destroy their data permanently. This merely makes the data inaccessible on the system itself, while the data continues to exist on the hard drive, posing a serious threat to businesses.

Massive volumes of data are now collected and stored by businesses. This data resides on local PCs, servers, mobile devices and increasingly in the cloud. As data storage trends continue to evolve, it is not only important to save this data in a reliable and secure location, but also to compliantly destroy it when a device is no longer needed. Today's device-driven era, particularly as businesses adopt hybrid working styles, makes IT asset disposal (ITAD) a vital component of enterprise computing.

Vyta is Ireland’s most accredited IT disposal service provider. With 12 international ISO and quality standards, it ensures businesses fulfil their obligations under the GDPR and environmental regulations. Furthermore, it is the first Irish company to hold an R2 certification as well as ADISA, the global secure IT disposal certification.

Working closely with National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)-approved software, including Blancco, Vyta guarantees that 100 per cent of data is permanently erased and unrecoverable from all IT equipment. Devices such as data centre equipment, which might be unsuitable for data destruction, are securely shredded by DiskShred – Vyta’s wholly owned media storage shredding brand. Its state-of-the-art shredding trucks can shred items on customer sites into pieces, to ensure that data on old storage media is destroyed permanently.

Data breaches can lead to a multitude of issues including fines, penalties, lawsuits, loss of customer and investor confidence, and negative publicity. Whether you’re updating, upgrading, or retiring computer equipment, it is imperative for all organisations to adopt secure ITAD processes.

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