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How to manage the user in a secure environment

With users relying on cloud services more than ever, user access management tools and services are paramount to a business’s productivity and safety

10th October, 2020
Michael Conway, director, Renaissance

Business Stream 4: Managing the User

With remote working the norm for the foreseeable future, businesses will continue to face a scenario where more endpoints than ever need to be protected.

With users relying on cloud services more than ever and each worker operating in their own home environment, it means user access management (UAM) tools and services are paramount to a business’s productivity and safety.

Knowing what you have to manage is the first step to ensuring all your services are safe and secure, and every company is different.

“The measures vary between organisations in terms of their demands, their size, and their scale,” said Michael Conway, director at Renaissance. “You can tailor those to suit what is necessary for you to have a controlled, managed environment.”

“Control always sounds negative, but it gives everyone the level of assurance and security they want to have in place.”

Many of these controls can involve analysing their activity, and their behaviour when working. While there may be initial concerns around this level of management, it’s not to monitor workers’ every moment, but build up an idea of their general actions for safety and protection.

You can’t manage what you don’t know, and if something unusual happens, then you can’t pick up on that if you don’t have the necessary data to do so. All in all, it comes back to effective management.

With office work not being possible in all cases for the foreseeable future, being able to recreate the office level management for everyone in their homes is a critical challenge and effective communication as to why it is required is critical for employees

The business stream session for ‘Managing the User’ will involve a diverse range of vendors who all have different takes on the field.

For one, you have Veriato, whose Cerebral platform creates behaviour analysis and employee monitoring software, and Zyalin, which provides a network-level internet control platform for advanced web filtering, malicious detection and AI phishing.

Alongside them will be Cososys, which is an endpoint protector working across platforms to prevent data loss, and Bullwall, which specialises in cyber and ransomware protection.

The panel’s lead facilitator, Dave Feenan, innovation programmes manager at ICT Skillnet, said the panel provides an opportunity to really delve into the future of user management and security.

“There’s a wonderful opportunity for us to look at the new dynamic that is end-user cybersecurity,” he said. “You have the hybrid model of the individual at home and, in some cases, using the same device that they’re using for their social engagement and personal engagement.

“Ultimately for any hacker out there, the target area has got bigger on the basis that the individual’s laptop they’re using is at home… and we can have a good conversation to look at the work from home aspect of the end-user engagement model.”

Even just taking how the average home is managed, elements like the router used can be a potential weak point for individuals and, by extension, businesses.

“The implications of Covid will be highlighted in a number of different ways such as the rush to get online, the global adoption of cloud-based solutions, the roll-out of apps and such,” said Feenan.

Conway says the critical part when managing users is to be realistic. The user can’t know everything nor can you expect them to be an expert in all areas around security.

By availing of a UAM and tailoring it to your business, those concerns are addressed, managed and made secure.

“These technologies are designed to offer a secure environment to work in,” said Conway. “Covid has exacerbated the leap into remote working but in the long term, if you’re managing a team, there’s a lot you can do.”

Meet the vendors presenting at Managing the User


Early pioneers of internet monitoring, Veriato supplies its highly intelligent and powerful software to thousands of top companies in more than 100 countries. Specialising in advanced monitoring and detection security solutions, Veriato software delivers invaluable knowledge to companies regarding their employee productivity and the immediate detection and analysis of internal threats.

Its solutions include user monitoring and insider threat detection software Veriato Cerebral. Available for on-premise or cloud deployment, Cerebral was recently awarded Best Insider Threat Solution at the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2020. Further products include the cloud-based employee monitoring software Vision, comprehensive workplace investigations in the form of Investigator and ransomware protection Ransomsafe.

Veriato’s award-winning software has helped companies across a variety of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, technology providers, government and financial services.


Zyalin provides the global market with integrated internet control system SmartGate and AI-based solution CloudGate for secure remote working. Zyalin products aim to satisfy the increasing legal requirements needed for child protection, as well as solutions that increase business revenue and customer retention. The cloud-based infrastructures can be delivered as a hosted, on-premise or hybrid solution, and deployed to end customers in any way through software, hardware, or firmware updates.

Making the internet a safer place is at the core of its belief system, providing clients with secure internet connections, network intelligence, secure remote working, parental internet controls and IOT security suites. Headquartered in Ireland, Zyalin currently delivers its solutions to existing customers across Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe.


CoSoSys aims to enable businesses and end users around the world to take full advantage of the performance benefits of mobility, portability and communications solutions, without compromising security. To achieve this, it has developed endpoint centric solutions that extend protection on the ever-increasing number of devices that access and store our highly valuable and sensitive data.

CoSoSys offers a wide portfolio of security products, including its advanced all-in-one data loss prevention solution Endpoint Protector for Windows, MacOS and Linux devices. EndPoint Protector recently won best Data Leakage Prevention at the 2020 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards. CoSoSys also offers products with features for device control such as eDiscovery, Mobile Device Management for iOS and Android, as well as the development of applications for portable storage encryption and enhancement.


BullWall is led with empathy and driven by passion, built on talent, and dedicated to fighting cybercrime in its many forms. Its technologies combat digital fraud on a file level, stopping new and unknown ransomware attacks in their tracks and providing solutions to report data breaches to regulators in a timely manner and secure way.

With three innovative solutions for containing ransomware (RC), fraud detection at file level (FDS) and incident management systems (IMS), CoSoSys software can analyse and protect organisations and their digital assets. Headquartered in Denmark, BullWall has a global reach with customers across corporate, enterprise and public sector industries.

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