Future of Work: the hybrid workplace

How can your team thrive better in the new Hybrid Workplace? Cisco offers some meaningful insightsco

29th November, 2020
Future of Work: the hybrid workplace

The global pandemic has dramatically changed how we work and how we feel about going back to our offices. Working from home may have been an adjustment at the start of the lockdown, but according to Cisco’s Workforce of the Future survey, conducted with 10,000 respondents across 12 markets in Europe, the Middle East and Russia, employees want to keep hold of many positives that have emerged in our new way of working.

Increased autonomy (63 per cent) and working well as a dispersed team (66 per cent) are two main benefits cited; plus 61 per cent of respondents want to maintain faster decision-making. Results show that employees see this as a watershed moment, challenging culture norms around the workplace and simply stating that the hybrid workplace is here and it’s here to stay.

But it’s clear that there is a lot to do before both employers and employees can feel confident about this new hybrid work environment. And one size will not fit all, as 87 per cent want greater ownership in defining how and when they use office space, alternating between being office-based and working remotely.

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So, how can companies create this ideal work environment? A vast majority of firms say they could improve work environments with intelligent technology. And, having introduced some very exciting Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovations to help employees be more productive from anywhere and help companies plan for a safe return to the office, Cisco Webex seems to be leading the transformation into the hybrid workplace with the goal of creating a ten times better meeting and collaborating experience.

Delivering an experience that meets these needs has been the focus of Cisco’s ongoing Webex development. For example, meetings conducted using the AI-enhanced Webex Room 70 system (for larger meeting rooms) or Webex Desk Pro (for individuals at desks or small meeting rooms) can be started with simple voice commands, and cameras in the devices monitor the space to ensure that the group is not too large for social distancing best practices in the space.

Should the room be filled beyond capacity, attendees can leave the room without disrupting the meeting by seamlessly transferring their feed to their mobile phone. In addition to providing enhanced safety, the AI system also leverages cameras to provide the best visual clarity and meeting room experience with the remote participants, resulting in higher quality, better interactive meetings.

Beyond enabling video and voice communication, Companies will also want to look at a more comprehensive communications solution to further develop hybrid work environments into one that offers competitive advantage. Through Webex, Cisco has developed a comprehensive feature set with a digital assistant that captures meeting notes, and digital white-boarding technology, so teams can interact and brainstorm while on a call, and a seamless, easy-to-use cloud-based management tool, to provide effortless provisioning and an easy overview to the communications environment and how all remote teams are using it.

The future of work is simply about replicating, as closely as possible, the experience of physically being in a traditional workplace while eliminating dependency on a single location. It’s about having the ability to access and interact with everything we need: applications, data and storage (whether on-premises or in the cloud).

Most importantly, it’s about retaining interpersonal relationships with our colleagues, business partners and customers, and doing so in the most efficient, integrated and secure way possible. This combination will make the workforce of the future ready — and successful.

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