Franchises to be key driver of post-pandemic recovery

The sector has the agility to hit the ground running as things return to a new normal, and is seeing an influx of interest from those who have had time out during lockdown to consider leaving staff jobs to explore a more independent future

David Killeen, chairman of the Irish Franchise Association: ‘Many employees used the Covid downtime period to reflect seriously on their work-life balance, questioning whether perhaps putting similar efforts into running their own business might be more personally fulfilling and in time, put their destiny in their own hands

Franchising will play a key role in the recovery of the Irish economy post-Covid, according to David Killeen, chairman of the Irish Franchise Association which will celebrate the 25th anniversary of its gala evening and awards event in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Golden Lane, in Dublin city centre, on Friday, March 25.

After a very difficult two years, a sense of optimism now prevailed within the franchise community, Killeen said. “Many employees used the Covid ...