Flexibility and choice: key for companies moving to the cloud

‘We are in a unique position to interconnect a wide range of companies’ says Matt George: Director, EMEA Segment Marketing, Equinix

23rd June, 2021
Flexibility and choice: key for companies moving to the cloud

1.What is your current role at Equinix?

I am Equinix Director of Segment Marketing in EMEA. I head up a team that is made up of Subject Matter Experts from a variety of industry sectors. The team acts as an overlay between our Sales teams and Global Solution Architects and provides direction on customer requirements and industry trends to support our go-to-market strategy.

2.Who are your main clients and what trends are you seeing in the requests for services they make/types of capability they need?

We are proud to be currently working with almost 10,000 customers that are deploying and interconnecting their IT infrastructure across our global platform of 225+ data centers. Our platform currently serves over 1,800 networks, 2,950+ cloud & IT service providers and thousands of enterprise customers from all sectors ranging from financial services to manufacturing, healthcare to media.

Our customers can privately connect to any part of the world or interconnect their supply chain as well as partners & customers within milliseconds from a single point of presence (PoP) or virtual connection.

Over 90% of the world’s internet traffic touches an Equinix location so we are in a unique position to interconnect a wide range of companies.

3.With more and more companies moving to the cloud can you explain the different data center and cloud models available to businesses in Ireland today? Pros and cons of each?

All companies are on a digital transformation journey - albeit at different stages. They need an agile and flexible IT environment that combines to support business critical applications at the core while also serving end users and latency hungry applications at the edge.

Two of the most important factors for companies moving to the cloud are flexibility and choice. We are living in a hybrid multi-cloud world, one where businesses have the option to take a more traditional CAPEX route, by deploying physical Points of Presence (PoP’s) in Equinix locations, or additionally, choosing to spin up virtual networks and infrastructure services in minutes by using a software-defined interconnection platform like Equinix Fabric, enabling a more consumption-led OPEX model.

Equinix Fabric provides direct, secure and flexible connectivity to service providers as well as other Equinix customers or between a company’s own infrastructure that’s deployed in different locations. By deploying with Equinix Fabric, customers benefit with:

•The ability to scale support for remote workforces in existing and new locations

•Improved business productivity, agility and innovation through hybrid multicloud connectivity

•The ability to access cost-effective pay-as-you-go services from multiple cloud providers across the world without compromising performance, security or compliance

•Reliable business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities by deploying cloud infrastructure in multiple metros.

4.How can businesses best navigate and adopt a digitally enabled business model?

Most enterprises looking to support future business applications will need to deploy a hybrid multicloud digital infrastructure.

Typically, that follows a journey that starts with network optimization, connecting clouds and then building out an IT footprint to manage data, security points and better enable application exchange requirements at the edge. By doing this, many companies have achieved network traffic cost savings of up to 60% and reduced latency by a minimum of 30%.

5.What do you think will be the biggest game changer for enterprise CIOs in the next 6-12 months?

I think the biggest challenge will be aligning a remote workplace model with the business needs and current skillsets. People have adapted in the last 14 months and those changes have become habit forming. Technology has advanced, the processes have worked, and they need to be built into ‘business as usual’ (BAU) processes. In addition, cost optimization is key so an IT strategy that moves to a more OPEX based consumption model will become a key item on the C-Level agenda.

Equinix is the world’s digital infrastructure company. To learn more visit Equinix.ie and join Matt’s talk at the CIO & IT Leaders Summit on 24th June

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