Ebow Digital and RDT bolster partnership to shape future of tech-driven innovation

This alliance catapults Ebow Digital and RDT to the forefront of the martech evolution as they introduce companies to the future using ideas and innovations via the combination of digital consultancy and software solutions

Electrifying the digital landscape: David Douglas, founder, Ebow Digital, with John Rowan, chief executive, RDT

In a move that electrifies the digital landscape, Ebow Digital is proud to announce the strengthening of its partnership with software firm RDT, a partnership that will propel both companies to the forefront of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), Industry 4.0 and martech.

Ebow will continue to do what it’s always done for 24 years, but being able to leverage the vast array of emerging technologies will allow us both to introduce our clients to the future.

Pioneering progress

Ebow Digital and RDT’s evolution has been synonymous with staying ahead of the curve, adapting to change, and nurturing a client-centric ethos – constantly innovating and changing. Our team of industry experts – including the likes of David Douglas, John Rowan, Eamonn Rohan and Sinead Clandillon – fuels our unyielding commitment to utilising emerging technology to deliver innovation for our clients. But the magic doesn’t stop there. Our deep-seated understanding of current trends and future trajectories drives us to supply clients with precisely what they need, when they need it, as technology constantly evolves.

A merging of visionaries

Ebow Digital and RDT join forces to create an AI marketing powerhouse – driven by cutting edge technologies and expertise. Cultural resonance and technical innovation, constant change and adaptation form the basis of this partnership, fostering seamless collaboration. The result: a 360-degree service, delivering innovative and technical solutions to our global clientele.

Charting a path to tomorrow

The reinforcement of this alliance catapults Ebow Digital and RDT to the forefront of the evolution of technical innovation. Our focus on AI, augmented reality, Industry 4.0, virtual reality, search, social and Wordpress VIP, among others, will bring even fresher ideas and thinking to our clients’ worlds. RDT’s mastery in traditional and Industry 4.0 technologies – AI, machine learning, and computer vision – synergises seamlessly with Ebow Digital’s vision for communications.

Our enhanced arsenal

This pivotal partnership expands our offerings to encompass:

• Software development in all languages

• AI marketing technology

• Cybersecurity and GDPR compliance

• Program & product management

• Business/systems analysis

• AWS/Azure/GCP infrastructure

• DevOps

• Automation testing

• Revolutionising innovation

• Content management

“The RDT partnership has always been a natural fit,” said David Douglas, Ebow Digital’s founder. “The strengthening of our relationship bridges our capabilities with RDT’s exceptional talent, fostering an exciting phase of growth. As our business scales globally, innovation is set to soar.”

Redefining possibilities

John Rowan, RDT’s chief executive, echoes the sentiment: “This partnership aligns culturally and strategically.” By fusing Ebow Digital’s digital expertise with RDT’s enterprise software abilities, the stage is set for groundbreaking innovation. Rowan envisions “an exciting future for our current and new clients where opportunities are boundless by using emerging technologies”.

About Ebow Digital

Ebow Digital specialises in creative technology that has marketing, communications, and content at its core. We have a multi-disciplinary team of award-winning strategists, technologists, and creatives who specialise in shaping and enhancing brand reputation across all digital touchpoints.

Since 1999, we have delivered on various briefs and showcased our agility and problem-solving abilities across some of the world’s most recognised brands in Ireland, the USA, the UK, and the EU.

About RDT

RDT is an Irish Software company, which was founded in 2013 by company chief executive John Rowan. RDT has been providing software technical solutions mainly to tech companies in Ireland, the UK and the US for over 10 years. RDT specialises in providing innovation through the latest technologies such as AI, machine learning and enterprise web, along with the digital teams required to run successful projects. Over the past 5 years, RDT have seen huge demand from customers looking to have digital teams built for them to deliver innovation through technology.

For enquiries and further information, please contact:

David Douglas, Ebow managing director, hello@ebowdigital.com

John Rowan, RDT, chief executive, john.rowan@rdtsoftware.ie