Data centre conference tackles energy issue head-on

Data centre conference tackles energy issue head-on

Despite protests outside and the ramping up once more of Covid restrictions, the DataCentres Ireland conference was declared a success by attendees and exhibitors alike

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28th November, 2021

DataCentres Ireland was heralded as a success by exhibitors, visitors and speakers alike.

Nobody knew what would happen when on Tuesday, November 16 the doors opened at last on the ninth DataCentres Ireland.

While the effect of Covid-19 did have an impact on the overall attendance, DataCentres Ireland delivered over 1,300 attendees from 18 countries, across the two days of the event.

All present appreciated the safe, secure, clean and structured environment, where they were able to network safely with colleagues. DataCentres Ireland enabled all attendees to see the latest in products, services, technology and equipment and listen to industry leaders and experts discussing the latest issues, approaches and ideas affecting data centres and critical environments.

Exhibitors commented on the quality of attendees present at the event, which gave them more time to engage with buyers, discuss their needs and forge lasting business contacts and relationships.

Attendees commented that the Covid protocols, announced as part of the event’s marketing campaign, made a difference to their decision to attend. They appreciated that only those with a valid Covid Certificate could attend, the wearing of masks throughout the show, social distancing measures and access to sanitiser stations across the event.

This was achieved despite the event attracting protesters outside the show, having fire alarms set off to disrupt the event and the Irish government announcing on day one a change of Covid policy, advising people to work from home and reintroducing firmer rules in the hospitality sector, all of which did affect attendance on the second day.

“It was a shame that the protesters did not want to engage with the event, but tried to disrupt it,” said Hugh Robinson, the event director. “As most of the presentations (if not all) were linked to how data centres can continue to improve their efficiency, reduce their carbon footprint and assist the utility companies in the adoption of more green energy and renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind, etc.”

Jerry Sweeney, chief executive of CloudCIX, Centre said, “the focus on energy was very timely. Energy costs have increased to 250 per cent of 2020 levels and the industry is faced with a huge decarbonisation challenge”.

The conference programme featured over 75 international and local experts and industry leaders, addressing a range of issues from data centre development and regionalisation through to training and staff retention as well as decarbonisation and energy reduction and heat reuse.

The importance of the conference sessions to the delivery of quality attendees should not be underestimated, as many attendees had planned the timing and length of stay to allow them to hear particular papers or panel discussions.

“It was great to actually get out and speak to people face-to-face for a change,” said Stephen Bowes-Phipps, senior consultant for PTS Consulting Group. “The sessions I was involved in were lively and interesting. We often carried on the conversation long after a session had finished. Looking forward to the next one.”

Make it a date for 2022

The Stepex team that organises DataCentres Ireland doesn’t intend to rest on its laurels. Work is already under way to make next year’s exhibition, which will be held on November 16 and 17, bigger and better again.

Those interested in finding out how they can become involved in the event, should contact the DataCentres Ireland team.

T: Hugh Robinson on

+44 (0) 7882 246950

E: [email protected] or visit

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