COVID-19 has encouraged new behaviours

‘People have been forced to dabble with new technology and processes and are realising that it’s not as scary as they may have thought‘ says Vicki Reynolds, Head of Digital, CertCentral and i3PT Certification.

25th June, 2020
COVID-19 has encouraged new behaviours

What's your name?

Vicki Reynolds

What’s your current job?

Head of Digital, CertCentral and i3PT Certification

How long have you held the position?

6 months

Can you describe your daily work routine?

I’m responsible for digital strategy, product development and industry engagement, and every day is different for me. A percentage of my time is spent reviewing our CertCentral platform, looking at ways in which we can continuously enhance our functionality and user experience, and working with the development team to find solutions.

I also do some information management consultancy for our clients, and provide feedback and comments from the field about the UK BIM standards and guidance to groups such as the UK BIM Alliance.

I am also currently working on a piece of research in collaboration with the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) about industry capability and capacity to deliver a digital golden thread of information on projects, in line with the recommendations made in UK Governments “Building a Safer Future” report.

What is your professional background?

Prior to joining the construction industry about 6 years ago, I worked in the facilities management and software development industries. Looking for more of a challenge in 2014 I then moved to the built environment and have held roles in information management, BIM management and digital construction across a number of high profile construction projects in the UK, working with all types of stakeholder to deliver digital solutions, implement new technology, and upskill individuals and organisations.

I am an active member of the BIM and digital construction community both locally and globally, holding the role of Global Vice Chair and UK Lead for Women in BIM. I am also a UK BIM Alliance Ambassador, a member of the digital construction special interest group for the CIOB, and a core member of the Digital Twin Fan Club.

I have delivered workshops and lectures on the topic of digital construction at schools, colleges and universities in the UK, Germany, Amsterdam, Canada and India.

Tell me about yourself away from work?

I am an enthusiastic (albeit not massively talented) sportswoman, and I I love to run, cycle, swim and practice yoga as often as I can. I also have a little french bulldog named Nora who likes to regularly gatecrash my web calls.

I also have a full repertoire of jokes about cheese, despite the fact that I don’t even eat cheese.

Tell us something very few people know about you?

I have spent a lot of time working in children's entertainment, and for a while in my mid-twenties I was a pirate at Legoland. My name was Malcolm, and I was very good at making balloon animals and telling extremely bad jokes.

You are speaking at the forthcoming 2020 DigiCon Virtual Summit. What is the focus of your talk?

The title of the roundtable I will be chairing is “How could a digital Golden Thread of information improve building safety?” and it will focus on how better information management, analytics and clear responsibility workflows can help us to deliver and operate buildings more safely.

What in your opinion are the critical obstacles facing the sector during these unforeseen times?

Lack of accountability, poor information management and a reluctance to share lessons learned are the main obstacles for the built environment industry.

How do you see the industry being changed by digital disruption over the coming decade in light of the COVID-19 pandemic?

COVID-19 has encouraged new behaviours in those that were previously reluctant to change – people have been forced to dabble with new technology and processes and are realising that it’s not as scary as they may have thought. The pandemic has shown us that people can adapt, and so can our organisations.

How businesses have approached this period of change has also spoken volumes to their employees, who might be questioning the way that their employer has been communicating with them and supporting them over the past few months. People are starting to hold their employers accountable, and are becoming more likely to move elsewhere if they are not happy. This means that we could start to see the more ethically conscious organisations sweeping up all of the best talent, which would have huge implications for the future of the industry.

Vicki will be speaking at the 2020 Digicon Virtual Summit on July 7th.

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