Thursday July 16, 2020

COVID-19 has been a massive disruptor to the traditional ways of operating in the construction industry

28th May, 2020

What's your full name?

Gary Comerford

What is your professional background?


Gary joined Linesight in 1997 and is responsible for a team of surveyors and the provision of quantity surveying services including early cost advice, budget estimates, cost planning, procurement and programme management, preparing tender documentation and on-going cost control on projects. Gary's team specialises in the delivery of Healthcare projects, along with this Gary is also our internal BIM expert along with being the former chair of the SCSI BIM Working Group.

What’s your current job title?


How long have you held the position?

4 years

What in your opinion are the critical obstacles facing the sector during these unforeseen times?

⦁Supply chain management

⦁Maintaining productivity and progress on projects through social distancing

⦁Health & Safety

⦁Changing traditional mindsets in construction industry

⦁Overcoming current siloed approach in construction industry in order to address complex issues

How do you see the industry being changed by digital disruption over the coming decade in light of the COVID-19 pandemic?

⦁COVID-19 has already acted as a major disruptor and overturned many of the assumptions about what ‘can’t be done’.

⦁COVID-19 has provided an opportunity for the potential of digital construction to be realised in ways that were not considered possible in the past.

⦁The industry will have more confidence in its ability to change dramatically.

You are hosting a Roundtable Discussion at the forthcoming 2020 DigiCon Virtual Summit . What is the title and focus of your presentation?

Presentation Title: Leveraging BIM in a COVID-19 world

COVID-19 has been a massive disruptor to the traditional ways of operating in the construction industry. As the industry strives to find ways to minimise potential loss of productivity in a COVID-19 world, we explore how the collaborative potential of Digital Technologies could help to overcome key challenges in areas such as health and safety, site management, design, planning and programme management.

In this presentation we will address some of the digital technologies that will be the enablers for a new approach to construction. We will focus on elements of industry that can most benefit from digital technology such as design and implementation both on-site and in the supply chain.

What will the learning outcomes be for attendees?

⦁Understanding of the main areas where change can be implemented in a post COVID world

Gary will be speaking at the virtual Digicon 2020. Summit on July 7th.

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