Cork medical website in healthy condition with newly designed logo

Rob Janoff, the man who gave us the world-famous Apple logo, has created a brand new look for Irish start-up

19th September, 2020
Cork medical website in  healthy condition with newly designed logo
Garvan Lynch of Telehealth and Lynch’s Pharmacy in Douglas, Cork. Picture: John Allen

Despite working with many international organisations and tech start-ups during his career, the acclaimed brand artist Rob Janoff had never worked for an Irish client – until Garvan Lynch, founder of in Co Cork, decided to change that.

Lynch is a pharmacist who has enjoyed a measure of acclaim himself, albeit within a medical context, as while completing his MBA thesis, he provided medicine information to a select group of patients over a four-month period and carried out a longitudinal study measuring the effects on the patients’ health by increasing their knowledge of their medicines.

Eighty per cent of patients reported that their health literacy improved and 70 per cent reported that their medicine compliance improved. So the study was a success and the thesis was published by Imperial College, London where Garvan completed his MBA.

Since then Lynch has gone on to author thousands of articles and videos on health conditions and the common medicines used to treat them. And this wealth of information was made freely available on the new website after its launch.

The site has been well received, with visitors from around the world availing of the latest research and information about their health condition.

One-on-one clinics are conducted through the site and patients have reported significant improvement in their quality of life. In some notable cases, complex medical ailments have been reversed through proper understanding of their illness as well as practical ways to treat it.

Obesity, for instance, has often been described as an illness of ignorance and while that may be a generalisation, the Infinity Weight Loss Clinic conducted online at has provided patients with the knowledge, motivation and tools needed to tackle this condition and reverse its effects. And Lynch says the branding of his new company and its website have also made a difference to the way patients respond to its marketing initiatives.

"Rob Janoff is a luminary in the branding world and he understands how to conceive iconic new corporate emblems which resonate with people," he said. "As well as the new logo, his team have created some extraordinary illustrations and even produced much of the literature we use in patient care."

As for Janoff himself, he could not be happier with the result of all the hard work to launch the new Irish start-up.

"Garvan Lynch is such a nice guy, he is so genuine and really a pleasure to work with," said Janoff. "Information is power, and the research he makes freely available on his site will empower patients to take control of their health."

Visit today and register your interest in an online Health Clinic or tour the vast libraries of health information to discover the latest research about what ails you. Garvan Lynch BSc (Gen) NUI, BS. (Hons) GRSC, BSc (Hons) Pharm. MP.SI MR PharmS, MBA (Healthcare)

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