Continued success for online broker DEGIRO

One week after presenting Irish investors with an opportunity to receive €1,000 in transaction credit, DEGIRO reports a record start to 2018

29th April, 2018

One week after presenting Irish investors with an opportunity to receive €1,000 in transaction credit, DEGIRO reports a record start to 2018 - Paul Laverty, Head of Business Development UK & Ireland for DEGIRO talks about their recent success

A rising stock market combined with widespread media attention on blockchain technologies led to a sharp increase in the number of customers at the start of the first quarter of 2018. DEGIRO again closed the quarter profitably.

Over the first quarter of 2018, the number of accounts rose by 67% on an annual basis to 290,004. Turnover rose to 14,271,998 euros, an increase of 49%. During the same period, the number of retail transactions grew by 51% to 4,597,645. The total number of transactions this quarter finished at 4,662,963. With this result, DEGIRO has posted a record quarter and continues growth.


In less than 5 years, DEGIRO has grown from being a challenger to a prominent player in the field of investing. DEGIRO attracts investors from all over Europe, with 55% of the 290,004 accounts at DEGIRO belonging to non-Dutch investors. At the same time, DEGIRO also manages to attract more and more professional customers. We attribute this success to our model of combining financial knowledge with technological knowledge. This 'Fintech' approach translates into on average 95% lower rates. On the website we have an extensive comparison of brokerage fees in Ireland where this percentage is substantiated with a comparison on different transactions & products between DEGIRO and 6 other well-known brokers in Ireland. As a result of this difference in cost, we see that investors have already saved more than EUR 400 million in costs through DEGIRO*. This is clearly an added value and we are proud of what DEGIRO offers investors.


Last week, we made an offer for Irish investors to receive €1,000 in transaction credit when opening a new investment account. Due to the overwhelmingly positive reaction to this promotion we have now extended this promotion until May 2nd to give new investors more time to take advantage of this offer.

Investors that open and activate an account with DEGIRO between April 18th and May 2nd 2018 will receive a €1,000 transaction credit to get started managing their portfolios. This transaction credit will come in the form of €10 per trading day for 100 trading days and can be used to trade any of the more than 2 million products available on DEGIRO's platform.


DEGIRO is a Pan-European broker and processes over 50 billion euros in transaction value per year on stock exchanges worldwide. DEGIRO serves investors in 18 countries. DEGIRO is subject to behavioural supervision by the AFM (Authority for the Financial Markets) and prudential supervision of the Dutch Central Bank (De Nederlandsche Bank). DEGIRO wants to provide added value by developing an affordable financial service for investors worldwide. The combination of technology and financial knowledge creates the opportunity to make high-quality and cost-effective financial services available to everyone.

For more info on DEGIRO and to sign up today and receive €1,000 in transaction credit see

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