Analytics Engines launches Early Adopter Programme for Search & Discovery Platform MINERVA

Analytics Engines launches Early Adopter Programme for Search & Discovery Platform MINERVA

Belfast-based AI and data analytics providers Analytics Engines have announced the launch of an early adopter programme for their intelligent search & discovery platform MINERVA.

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11th June, 2021

The platform allows business users to connect siloed data and find previously unseen (or deliberated hidden) relationships between individuals, organisations, events, places, and documents.

Analytics Engines Chief Commercial Officer Brendan McCarthy said: “Through MINERVA, we are breaking down customers’ data silos and helping them understand how and where their data is connected. MINERVA has been designed for business users who want to access the data they need then search, understand and act on that data.”

Brendan McCarthy, chief commercial officer, Analytics Engines.

MINERVA eliminates skills and resource bottlenecks by providing advanced data analytics technologies needed to drive critical business decision-making, and so removing reliance on data scientists and software engineers.

Business purpose

MINERVA is a powerful investigations tool that helps organisations to:

identify stories of public interest

manage conflicts of interest

identify counterparty risk

perform large-scale document interrogation

examine transparency in public office

and carry out corporate due diligence.

A unique feature of the MINERVA platform is its ability to search for patterns and behaviours as well as specific entities. This enables users to proactively identify and extract the critical business insights that matters most to them.

Analytics Engines Chief Technical Officer Dr Alastair McKinley said: “Our early adopter programme will provide users with the opportunity to explore and understand the value contained across their data universe.”

MINERVA Early Adopter Programme

The MINERVA Early Adopter Programme is an opportunity for individuals and organisations to engage with the platform and to provide input and feedback into the evolution of MINERVA as the premier search and discovery platform.

Participants in the programme will have an opportunity to search, manipulate and visualise siloed data within a single data universe.

During the programme, participants will receive one month’s access to the MINERVA platform. Participation in the programme is completely free and participants are not obligated to purchase MINERVA upon conclusion of the programme.

Find out more

Places on the MINERVA Early Adopter Programme are limited, and applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis. For details and to register interest, please visit:

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