AI Summit 2020

5th March 2020, Croke Park, Dublin

There are a number of reasons to account for Ireland’s growing reputation as an Artificial Intelligence Island. Our robust AI ecosystem has emerged as a result of numerous successful educational and economic initiatives. Recent analysis reveals that AI will boost Ireland’s GDP in 2030 by 11.6% to €48 billion, making way for a substantial economic and commercial opportunity for Ireland.

AI is presenting, without doubt, the biggest technological disturbance worldwide. While opportunities abound across all industries and business functions, creating unprecedented efficiencies in human productivity, ethical concerns remain prevalent. In many ways, this is just as much a frontier for ethics and risk assessment as it is a revolution. The Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation is currently preparing a National Artificial Intelligence Strategy due to be announced in early 2020, and has recently commenced on a public consultation on the development of an AI National Strategy.

The AI 2020 Summit is being organised by Business Post Events and Digital DNA on the back of the last year’s hugely successful inaugural event. Our 2020 summit will address the core challenges and opportunities facing our nation as we continue our AI journey. As well as presenting practical industry applications of AI, we will host technological sessions revealing the latest advances and applications.

The annual Artificial Intelligence Summit will focus on experts breaking down complex AI topics in a clear way so that business leaders can maximize the AI opportunities ahead of their competitors. We’ll delve into practical business applications, compelling case studies, rock-solid technical overviews, as well as deliver an in-depth analysis of successful AI projects while dissecting some of the potential pitfalls…

Building on the success of our many years of leading technical and business focused conferences, The 2020 AI Summit, brought to you by Business Post Events and Digital DNA is designed to challenge, motivate and inspire all those concerned with transformation and innovation strategy…

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