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Achieve Business Competitiveness – with the Right Technology

Focusing on staff retention, prioritising customer centricity, driving down costs and supporting expansion are key strategy examples to enhance competitiveness, writes Michael Cronin, Managing Director, OpenSky

30th May, 2020
Michael Cronin, Managing Director, OpenSky

It’s not always easy to keep a business competitive in a cut-throat world and when it has suffered such a challenge as the 2020 pandemic. As businesses emerge from the aftermath of the crisis, new trends and hyper-global competition are forcing companies to redesign business models and seek a greater edge in order to retain or increase their market positions. Regardless of business type, financial strength or situation, if a company is not focused on competitiveness, then the longevity of it is at risk.

Focusing on staff retention, prioritising customer centricity, driving down costs and supporting expansion are key strategy examples to enhance competitiveness - and technology represents one of the primary channels through which one can positively impact these strategies, delivering competitiveness and efficiency to the business.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one such technology which has the proven ability to take a company to the next level. It does this by automating workplace processes, imitating the tasks that humans perform but much faster and with greater accuracy.

By 2021, Forrester estimates there will be more than 4 million robots doing office and administrative work, as well as sales and related tasks. RPA can reduce processing costs by up to 80%.

By realising the power of automation through RPA, business leaders can empower their employees, enhance their customers’ experience and support their organisation as a whole.

Staff Retention

RPA enables staff to be more efficient by allowing them to concentrate on more customer-focused or business-critical tasks – the tasks that they have been trained and educated to do, rather than the manual, repetitive and time-consuming tasks. In turn, this improves employee satisfaction as they are more productive and effective in their roles, rather than getting consumed by back-office, menial jobs. A recent survey commissioned by OpenSky reported that almost half of Irish office workers would change jobs for a company embracing more automation.

RPA is changing the way people work. Not only can tasks be completed faster, RPA does it with greater accuracy and at a lower cost.

Customer Centricity

The knock-on impact of freeing up more resources in terms of staff is that customers will receive a better level of service and an enhanced experience. With more available resources, more value is delivered and waiting times are reduced, thus the customer gets the quality of service they need, and the attention required to really understand them and their needs.

Take banking for example – imagine being able to streamline operations so staff can spend more time meeting the needs of customers rather than doing administrative tasks. Similarly, in the public sector, RPA has the ability to make citizen services more accessible and efficient via online portals and cutting-edge IT systems.

Return on Investment

By increasing staff productivity and boosting customer service, RPA can deliver business benefits very quickly. RPA is also highly scalable, thus can support business expansion and future growth. In less than 12 months, most businesses will have already seen a positive return on investment.

Furthermore, it is considered to be a more secure and compliant approach, particularly in relation to the collation and management of data. By embracing digitisation, companies can also increase the sustainability of their operations.

Moving forward

Digital transformation is not a static concept, it’s a continuous journey. Therefore, organisations need to ensure that they are constantly reviewing how they do things and implementing cutting-edge solutions which not only transform how their employees work but also innovate for their customers and contribute to their business objectives.

From employee productivity to operational efficiency to service delivery, RPA is a technology that can deliver results and help business leaders take their company to the next level. OpenSky partners with both Microsoft and UiPath to provide the automation tools to our clients which transform and future-proof their operations.

Having delivered major projects for leading organisations which impact 2.5 million people every day, our team is perfectly positioned with the expertise and experience to customise, implement and support automated solutions which make your digital transformation goals a reality.

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