A vision for sustainable, inclusive development

Over the last two decades, his Majesty King Mohammed VI has overseen the establishment of many large projects, from renewable energy to education to culture and sport – and there is more to come

His Majesty King Mohammed VI: Morocco enjoys political and social stability, and a rapidly growing economy. Picture: Moroccan Press Agency - copyright MAP Agence Marocaine de Presse

There is no doubt that Morocco is a forward-thinking, innovative country with impressive long-term goals – and over the past couple of decades his Majesty King Mohammed VI has been instrumental in shaping the country’s future.

Over the past 20 years, a number of pioneering decisions have been implemented including an ambitious energy transition plan to make Morocco one of the lowest-carbon platforms in the world, the development of world-class industrial zones, and a suite of government incentives for investors. These initiatives have all helped the North African country to secure its footing as a key player, both on the continent of Africa and also on the world stage.

Morocco has also developed unique diplomatic relations with most African countries as well as economic and trade relations, resulting in 1,000 cooperation agreements with over 40 different countries. It also has free trade agreements with several countries and there are 26 investment, promotion and protection agreements signed.

During the last two decades, there has also been tremendous developmental progress achieved, including increasing the profile of Casablanca as a financial services and banking hub, and the development of mega transport infrastructures such as Tangier-Med Port, a high-speed train link, and direct flights to over 20 major African airports. Enhancements in infrastructure also include highway links to all the major urban hubs and road networks through the country and across the continent all the way from Tangier to Cape Town.

It is clear that Morocco has become a major actor on the world stage and one of the most attractive countries for investment in the African continent. It now has the ambition to consolidate and accelerate its development with a solid long-term vision and in April of last year, the Special Commission for the Development Model, called by King Mohammed VI, has issued a roadmap for Morocco 2035, based on an innovative co-development process which collects and collates feedback and ideas from citizens.

Under his Majesty’s leadership, Morocco has also enjoyed political and social stability, and introduced structural reforms which resulted in the rapid growth and diversification of its economy and expansion of its democratic experience. And in terms of infrastructure, he has overseen the establishment of numerous giant projects in logistics, tourism, renewable energies, education, culture, and sport, to name only a few. His ambition is to consolidate and accelerate the country’s development, while building on historical strengths, with a solid long-term vision.

This goal is to deliver an accelerated, sustainable and more inclusive growth within the country and to consolidate as an exemplary regional leader at the forefront of major world challenges.

Indeed in a world continuously confronted by security challenges, Morocco has been a model in fighting terrorist threats thanks to the professionalism of its national security and intelligence apparatuses.

So, when it comes to crises, Morocco’s strength of leadership is evident – as over the past few years during the global pandemic the country implemented solutions to provide free and early vaccination for the population and mitigate the effects of the crisis with a plan to boost the economy, preserve jobs and support small and medium-sized enterprises affected by Covid-19.

Having realised the importance of vaccination and sovereignty in this area, the country launched a major project for the manufacturing of vaccines and medicines expected to become a biotech hub for the continent.

These initiatives have resulted in the Moroccan economy being well on its way to a full recovery and the implementation of the New Model of Development (NMD) which aims to enrich the country’s economy over the next 13 years.

A goal of 2035 has been set and his Majesty is keen to see it to fruition.