A smooth transfer of power

25th October, 2020
A smooth transfer of power
Sinéad Fitzmaurice, chief executive of TransferMate Global Payments

“Very early on we were part of the Fast 50 awards programme, and we saw the benefits of what it can bring to the table,” said Sinéad Fitzmaurice, chief executive of TransferMate Global Payments.

For a company like TransferMate, which operates in the competitive – and global – payments sector, the name recognition that comes from association with Deloitte is crucial.

Born out of the wider Taxback Group, TransferMate’s 2019 Fast 50 win, heading up the fintech category, provides a global stage to demonstrate its abilities.

When you think of a payments company you think just of the payments, whereas we want to provide the technologies,” said Fitzmaurice. “We saw Deloitte as a worldwide recognised brand and that’s excellent for us, because we’re headquartered in Ireland, but our partnership network is global,” she said.

Having a platform can make all the difference too, in all kinds of ways.

Fitzmaurice said Ireland was making inroads in female business leadership, but that work needed to be done, and done earlier, to help attract women to technology careers.

“It’s a tricky one. I think it’s about getting girls involved from an early age. If we can master that, then it will be good. Tech has always been more dominant in the boys’ schools,” she said.

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