A programme that grows ideas into successful start-ups

The New Frontiers programme is designed to provide entrepreneurs with the skills, support, and confidence needed to increase their chances of succeeding in business

21st November, 2021
A programme that grows ideas into successful start-ups
Derya Sousa, Kianda Technologies founder

Since its inception in 2012, more than 4,000 entrepreneurs have participated in the New Frontiers start-up business support programme. Delivered on behalf of Enterprise Ireland by the Institutes of Technology (IoTs) and Technological Universities (TUs) the programme provides entrepreneurs with the skills, support, and confidence needed to increase their chances of succeeding in business.

Among them is Kianda Technologies founder Derya Sousa, who completed the programme in May 2018.

“It has been really helpful for me in growing Kianda and I would recommend it to anyone who is at an early stage of starting their own business.” she says.

Derya and her husband Osvaldo moved to Ireland in 2007 and worked as IT consultants. Every evening, they discussed their work and realised it was similar projects for similar companies, developing the same types of system over and over again from scratch. Wanting to simplify things for businesses and create a ‘no-code environment’, they came up with a new type of process automation software that would build custom workflows using a drag and drop interface.

“We both had extensive experience working in the tech sector and saw there was a need for a solution that would allow people with no coding skills to work on IT projects. Our platform allows organisations to streamline processes and accelerate digital transformation.”

Sousa discovered the New Frontiers programme when she was based in TU Dublin’s incubator space in Blanchardstown.

“The programme introduced me to the start-up ecosystem including all the different supports that are available to entrepreneurs, which was really helpful. It also gave me the chance to interact and learn from other course participants who were on the same journey.”

“I broadened my skills and learned about marketing, financials, business models as well as having individual one-to-one mentoring which allowed me to reflect on where Kianda was and where we wanted to be.” says Sousa.

It also helped build her confidence. “The mentors we had were really good. Lots of them were really insightful. It was all really practical. Real-life issues were covered. The pitching sessions were really good. Nerve-wracking but good.”

Having taken the leap, Derya would encourage others to follow their dream.

“It’s worth it, so worth it. If you think it’s the right time and it’s the right idea. Get the support that’s available, being around people who have gone through a similar journey helps a lot.”

Learn how the New Frontiers programme can help you grow your idea into a successful start-up businesses at newfrontiers.ie

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