A different way of doing business

You may be familiar with software-as-a-service, but what about talent-as-a-service? It could end up being a common feature of work in the future, writes Quinton O’Reilly

Robert Mac Giolla Phadraig, chief commercial officer; Frank Farrelly, chief operating officer, and Adrian McGennis, chief executive, all of Sigmar Recruitment Pic: Bryan James Brophy

For Frank Farrelly, chief operating officer at Sigmar Recruitment, the word “disrupt” is used so much nowadays, it has practically lost its meaning.

When Farrelly considers the future of work, however, in Ireland and further afield, it is the only word he can find to adequately describe what’s happening.

“I hate using the word ‘disrupt’ as it’s everywhere, but things are changing and they’re changing faster than people realise,” said Farrelly.

“I often ...