Podcast: Five Degrees of Change - Sue Garrard

Daniel Murray is joined by the business sustainability advisor for the new energy and environment podcast from the Business Post

31st December, 2019
Podcast: Five Degrees of Change - Sue Garrard

In Five Degrees of Change some of the most influential voices on Energy and Environment will propose three big policy changes, and also outline two small personal changes they have made to contribute to a greener world. In episode four, host Daniel Murray is joined by Sue Garrard.

Sue Garrard is a sustainable business consultant and former executive at global consumer goods group Unilever. Sue has a unique perspective having worked at the highest level in both the public and the private sector. Before working for Unilever, Sue worked in the British government in the department of work and pensions, where, as the global recession kicked in, she was tasked with addressing the growing unemployment crisis. Nowadays, Sue tours the world campaigning for greater corporate transparency around their environmental impacts.

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