Tuesday July 14, 2020

Podcast: Five Degrees of Change - Dr Tara Shine

Daniel Murray is joined by the environmental scientist and policy advisor for the latest episode of Five Degrees of Change, the energy and environmental podcast from the Business Post

Daniel Murray

Business Reporter

10th March, 2020
Daniel Murray is joined by Dr Tara Shine for the latest episode of Five Degrees of Change.

In Five Degrees of Change some of the most influential voices on Energy and Environment will propose three big policy changes, and also outline two small personal changes they have made to contribute to a greener world. In episode eight, host Daniel Murray is joined by environmental scientist and policy advisor Dr Tara Shine.

Dr Shine has more than 20 years experience working at the highest level on climate policy. From negotiating at the United Nations climate talks to her role advising former president Mary Robinson on climate justice, Dr Shine has witnessed at close quarters the global political system slowly coming to terms with the reality of climate change.

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Five Degrees of Change is hosted by Daniel Murray. Technical production was provided by Jack O‘Kennedy. Artwork is by Eleanor Jameson

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