Tuesday May 26, 2020

Podcast: Five Degrees of Change - Donna Gartland

Daniel Murray is joined by Codema CEO Donna Gartland for the latest episode of Five Degrees of Change, the energy and environmental podcast from the Business Post

Daniel Murray

Business Reporter

23rd March, 2020
Daniel Murray is joined by Donna Gartland for the latest episode of Five Degrees of Change.

In Five Degrees of Change some of the most influential voices on Energy and Environment will propose three big policy changes, and also outline two small personal changes they have made to contribute to a greener world. In episode ten, host Daniel Murray is joined by Donna Gartland, CEO of Codema, Dublin‘s energy agency.

Donna is a qualified electrician who decided early on that she wanted to study energy engineering. After completing her Bachelors of Engineering in Energy in Tallaght Institute of Technology, Donna went on to do a masters in Denmark in sustainable energy planning. In 2013 Donna joined Codema where she worked as a senior energy planner, monitoring and reporting on the progress of the sustainable energy action plan for Dublin city whilst also working on Dublin‘s first district heating systems which could prove complete game changers for how we warm our homes in Ireland.

Earlier this year Donna was appointed CEO of Codema, solidifying her position as a trailblazing leader in Ireland‘s sustainable energy sector. She and Daniel discussed heating systems, the role for gas in our energy future mix and even fossil fuel advertising.

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Five Degrees of Change is hosted by Daniel Murray. Technical production was provided by Jack O‘Kennedy. Artwork is by Eleanor Jameson

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