Podcast: Swap Options – Noreen Doyle

In episode three of Swap Options, the new entrepreneurs podcast from the Business Post, host Peter O‘Dwyer talks to Noreen Doyle, CEO of The Irish Biltong Company

12th March, 2020
Podcast: Swap Options – Noreen Doyle
Noreen Doyle is the CEO of the Irish Biltong Company, a Kildare based business which produces high protein, meat based snacks.

Noreen Doyle established The Irish Biltong Company in 2015 with her husband John. Previously, the pair launched a wholesale meat company together in Kildare which continues to be their core business. After coming across biltong which is traditionally of South African origin, they felt the air dried and spiced meat snack would be a good fit for their skill set and believed that there was a gap in the Irish market for a healthier, meat based treat.

Noreen spoke to Peter about the difficulties of launching an unconventional product, getting their brand in front of a wider audience by partnering with Irish rugby stars and the challenges of being a woman working in a predominantly male industry.

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What is Swap Options?

Swap Options is the brand new entrepreneurs podcast from the Business Post.

Host Peter O‘Dwyer talks to leaders from the worlds of elite sport, hospitality, retail and design who tell him why they traded one successful career for another and what it was really like setting up their own business.

You’ll hear their origin stories, the successes and failures of being a first time business owner and what’s next for some of the country’s most exciting SME’s.

Swap Options is hosted by Peter O‘Dwyer. Technical production was provided by Jack O’Kennedy. Artwork was designed by Eoin O‘Hara.

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