Vindicating Dublin: When Ireland’s first taoiseach put Dublin Corporation on trial

A new book looks at WT Cosgrave’s successful attempt to neuter the authority after it criticised his administration

WT Cosgrave sent every regional authority a chilling message by scrapping Dublin Corporation for having the cheek to criticise his administration in 1924. Picture: Getty


Vindicating Dublin: The Story Behind the Controversial Dissolution of Dublin Corporation in 1924

By Aodh Quinlivan

Dublin City Council, €25

Why is Ireland cursed with the weakest local government in Europe? Many academics have tried to answer this vexed question, but University College Cork lecturer Aodh Quinlivan’s new book clearly points the finger at one man: WT Cosgrave. It was the Irish Free State’s first leader, after all, who sent every regional authority a ...