Still Life: Big-hearted story is a joyful celebration of people and their imperfections

With echoes of de Bernières, Trapido and EM Forster, Sarah Winman has written a charming novel that is also about the joy and fulfilment that art and culture can bring to our everyday lives

Sarah Winman: her fourth novel is an absolute joy from first page to last


Still Life

By Sarah Winman

4th Estate, €18.20

At the outset of Sarah Winman’s fourth novel, 24-year-old Private Ulysses Temper is in Tuscany in 1944 as the Allies move north through Italy.

Instead of fighting on the front lines, however, he is helping the dashing Captain Darnley to recover some artistic masterpieces stolen by Axis troops and sequestered in cellars around the local hills. Even so, his bravery is never in question as he ...