Interview: Cate Sevilla, author of How to Work Without Losing Your Mind

After coming through the traumatic experience of working for a seemingly successful business that spectacularly fell apart, Cate Sevilla is well placed to give advice on how to survive the ups and downs in any workplace

Cate Sevilla: ‘Most books are aimed at high achievers. I wanted to write for people who just want to go to work, pay the bills and get on with other things’

Britain may have been plunged back into lockdown, but from a personal and professional vantage point, no one can say that Cate Sevilla isn’t in a good place.

Due to give birth to her first child next month, Sevilla has just published her debut book: the realisation, she admits, of a lifelong dream. How to Work Without Losing Your Mind is an insightful, clever guide to navigating the modern-day office and optimising workplace wellness.

So ...