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Richard Colwell: FF benefits from public approval of virus restrictions

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Sinn Féin’s rising star is now eclipsing Fianna Fáil

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Polls didn’t get it ‘wrong again’: the use of the data is the issue

Young and once-loyal older voters moving away from Fianna Fáil

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It’s all pain and no gain for the Soldiers of Destiny

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Government’s caution still appeals to the majority . . . for now

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Extraordinary times bring extraordinary support for the government

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In Fine Gael we trust – for now

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Polls predicted Sinn Féin surge in run-up to election

Richard Colwell: For SF, it might just be different this time

Youthquake a possibility as younger voters flock to Sinn Féin

If the polls are right, we’re headed for Confidence and Supply 2.0

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Brexit holds the key to next election

Mixed messages for parties as voters look to local and Euro elections

Government verdict from the voters: ‘Could do much better’

Support for FG can’t be taken for granted

FF loses ground as all roads lead to Brexit

Economic growth speeds up as consumer confidence falls

Put your house on it: Michael D has a second term in the bag

At 67 per cent, Higgins looks a sure thing