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FF and the Greens now serving as mudguard to FG progress

Richard Colwell: Lockdown takes its toll as happiness levels plummet

Fine Gael may be benefiting from a lack of ‘acceptable’ alternatives

Richard Colwell: FF benefits from public approval of virus restrictions

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Sinn Féin’s rising star is now eclipsing Fianna Fáil

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Polls didn’t get it ‘wrong again’: the use of the data is the issue

Young and once-loyal older voters moving away from Fianna Fáil

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It’s all pain and no gain for the Soldiers of Destiny

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Government’s caution still appeals to the majority . . . for now

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Extraordinary times bring extraordinary support for the government

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In Fine Gael we trust – for now

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Polls predicted Sinn Féin surge in run-up to election

Richard Colwell: For SF, it might just be different this time

Youthquake a possibility as younger voters flock to Sinn Féin

If the polls are right, we’re headed for Confidence and Supply 2.0

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Brexit holds the key to next election

Mixed messages for parties as voters look to local and Euro elections

Government verdict from the voters: ‘Could do much better’

Support for FG can’t be taken for granted

FF loses ground as all roads lead to Brexit