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‘Already too late’ to prevent new Covid-19 strains in Ireland

Vaccine rollout could reach most vulnerable by end of April

Analysis: Variants and vaccines make projecting path of virus more complex

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Organic skincare company has its origins in Ireland’s bog bodies

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HSE to GPs: administer leftover vaccine doses to patients’ spouses

Scally warns Ireland to put Britain on red travel list

Early data shows that Britain’s vaccine programme is working

Analysis: Will latest ‘game-changing’ vaccine stand up to new variants?

Twitter blocks Web Summit from promoting founder’s political tweets

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‘The risk to our strategy lies in jurisdictions outside our control’

Analysis: Twice as many people believe they had Covid-19 compared to confirmed cases

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Can science keep pace with Covid’s mutations?

Analysis: High Covid-19 death numbers likely to continue until middle of February

Timeline to zero-covid would stretch all the way to July

Extra ‘booster’ jab may be needed to offset new Covid strains

Analysis: Daily Covid cases could drop below 50 by March 5 if current rate continues

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Critical care at capacity as Martin warns restrictions to last months

Are we there yet?: The long road out of the Covid-19 lockdown

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Analysis: This may prove to be Ireland’s deadliest week of the pandemic

Wishful thinking led to Christmas catastrophe

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