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Pat Rabbitte: There is no clear alternative to Martin in FF’s charisma-free line-up

Politics Pat Rabbitte 1 week ago

Pat Rabitte: If Leo Varadkar is right and the economy takes off ‘like a rocket’ we are at risk of an energy crisis

Energy Pat Rabbitte 1 month ago

Pat Rabbitte: Bacik looks most likely to deny Fine Gael in Dublin Bay South

Politics Pat Rabbitte 2 months ago

Pat Rabbitte: Donnelly and his fellow ministers need the vaccine rollout to work

Politics Pat Rabbitte 3 months ago

Pat Rabbitte: St Patrick’s Day virtual meet reveals harsh reality of Martin’s predicament

Politics Pat Rabbitte 4 months ago

Who Was Responsible for the Troubles?: A critical analysis of the IRA’s leading role in the conflict

Books Pat Rabbitte 4 months ago

Pat Rabbitte: Has Europe learned its lesson from the last crash?

Economics Pat Rabbitte 5 months ago

Pat Rabbitte: Post-pandemic era will bring a new politics

Politics Pat Rabbitte 6 months ago

Pat Rabbitte: We cannot let Brexit destroy our relationship with Britain

Columnists Pat Rabbitte 7 months ago

Pat Rabbitte: Sinn Féin’s aggressive Dáil stance is not apparent in static Stormont

Columnists Pat Rabbitte 8 months ago

In Bed With The Blueshirts: Ross pulls back the curtain on an eventful time in office

Books Pat Rabbitte 8 months ago

A budget ‘in the national interest’ is balm on the country’s wounds

Home Pat Rabbitte 9 months ago

Pat Rabbitte: It’s time for Martin to get tough with FF rank and file

Columnists Pat Rabbitte 10 months ago

Pat Rabbitte: The public don’t have a taste for blood – they’re hungry for leadership

Columnists Pat Rabbitte 11 months ago

Pat Rabbitte: Donnelly has nowhere to run if he doesn’t get this one right

Columnists Pat Rabbitte 11 months ago

Pat Rabbitte: Too many cooks spoil the government broth

Pat Rabbitte: This coalition government would reconcile a century of discord

Pat Rabbitte: The Greens are right to grasp the government nettle

Pat Rabbitte: Labour must go into government to ensure it’s no longer business as usual

Fine Gael’s difficulty could be Labour’s opportunity