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Britain requests ‘standstill’ on Northern Ireland protocol

Brexit Daniel Murray 2 days ago

Department of Agriculture officials deny knowledge of injured racehorses being sent to Britain for slaughter

Donohoe fears that 15% global corporate tax could rise further

Tax Daniel Murray 4 days ago

Phil Hogan appointed to executive advisor role in decentralised finance legal assurance firm

New authority to regulate ‘critical entities’ could be formed under EU proposals

Delta-specific vaccine could be ready in time for winter booster campaign

Policy of leasing social housing from investment funds to be phased out during this government

Housing Daniel Murray 6 days ago

Von der Leyen urges action on global warming as catastrophic floods kill hundreds in Europe

Coveney appeals to British not to act unilaterally on amnesty

The nuclear option: Amid an energy supply deficit could small new-generation reactors work in Ireland?

Energy Daniel Murray 6 days ago

Irish government opposes British plan for Troubles amnesty

Ban the ‘scourge’ of gambling advertising, Kelly urges Taoiseach

Home Daniel Murray 1 week ago

New EU climate proposals to include a social fund and plans to end the aviation tax exemption on kerosene fuel

The Profile: Clare Daly and Mick Wallace

Profile Daniel Murray 1 week ago

Belarus opposition leader to ask Martin to take case on hijacked Ryanair flight

Home Daniel Murray 1 week ago

Dublin Bay South: Fourth time’s the charm for Bacik as FF and FG lick their wounds

Politics Daniel Murray 1 week ago

Energy watchdog calls for new gas stations to underpin move to renewables

Energy Daniel Murray 1 week ago

Wallace and Daly defend remarks on foreign policy

Politics Daniel Murray 1 week ago

Take radical action on housing or face wipeout, Martin warned

Politics Daniel Murray 1 week ago

Ivana Bacik victorious in Dublin Bay South by-election

Home Daniel Murray 2 weeks ago