Brendan Daly

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Spooked: The men and women paid by the super-wealthy to bury the evidence

Books Brendan Daly 1 week ago

New Yorkers: The restless rhythms and strident voices of the Big Apple

Books Brendan Daly 2 weeks ago

The Ministry of Bodies: Looking back in anger at medical misbehaviour

Books Brendan Daly 3 weeks ago

Women vs Hollywood: A chatty but cutting examination of females on film

Books Brendan Daly 1 month ago

Under a White Sky: Charting a way out of our planet’s grim environmental decline

Books Brendan Daly 1 month ago

We Are Bellingcat: A citizen sleuth pulling back the veil on state-sponsored crimes

Books Brendan Daly 2 months ago

America in Retreat: How the US let China get ahead in the race for world domination

Books Brendan Daly 2 months ago

The Unusual Suspect: Tale of a latter-day Robin Hood’s doomed crime caper

Books Brendan Daly 2 months ago

Breathtaking: An eyewitness account of a health service overwhelmed by Covid-19

Books Brendan Daly 3 months ago

No Time Like the Future: Fox finds humour amid the cruelties of Parkinson’s

Books Brendan Daly 4 months ago

The Upswing: How a superpower in turmoil can learn from its past

Books Brendan Daly 4 months ago

The Lonely Century: How an ever more connected world has led to a crisis of loneliness

Books Brendan Daly 6 months ago

Breezy history of recycling is not a throwaway topic

Books Brendan Daly 8 months ago

Why We Drive: An uneasy fusion of car memoir and philosophical tract

Books Brendan Daly 8 months ago

Flights of the imagination: Business Post writers recall their last trip abroad, and dream about their next one

Travel Nadine O’Regan 9 months ago

The Number Bias: How we have been blinded by the figures

Books Brendan Daly 9 months ago

Splash!: A dip in the weird and wonderful world of swimming history

Books Brendan Daly 10 months ago

Diary of a Young Naturalist: A joyful love letter to the wonders of the natural world

Books Brendan Daly 10 months ago

Studied and sober analysis of why political sides are often poles apart

Books Brendan Daly 11 months ago

The Lost Pianos of Siberia: An evocative journey through a cruel country that looked for redemption in its music

Books Brendan Daly 1 year ago