Brendan Daly

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Leonard Cohen: Exploring the scriptures behind Cohen’s musical pilgrimage

Autobibliography: Portrait of the artist as a young, angry and sensitive man

The Joy of Small Things: Small is beautiful as a writer smells the roses

Four Thousand Weeks: Some timely advice on how to make the most of our brief lives

Head First: A convincing argument in favour of treating the mind before medical matters

Tunnel 29: Getting around the most infamous fortification in the world

My Mess Is a Bit of a Life: Laughter and heartbreak combine in screenwriter’s uplifting memoir

Long Players: A loving look back at seminal platters that mattered

Consumed: A Sister’s Story: An unflinching portrayal of sibling rivalry and regret

The Anthropocene Reviewed: Deeply researched, quirkily personal essays on the wonder and worry of human life

The Middle East Crisis Factory: Why the struggle for democracy will eventually be won

Maximum Bob: Dylan at 80

Spooked: The men and women paid by the super-wealthy to bury the evidence

New Yorkers: The restless rhythms and strident voices of the Big Apple

The Ministry of Bodies: Looking back in anger at medical misbehaviour

Women vs Hollywood: A chatty but cutting examination of females on film

Under a White Sky: Charting a way out of our planet’s grim environmental decline

We Are Bellingcat: A citizen sleuth pulling back the veil on state-sponsored crimes

America in Retreat: How the US let China get ahead in the race for world domination

The Unusual Suspect: Tale of a latter-day Robin Hood’s doomed crime caper