Vincent Boland: Peloton won’t be the last pandemic poster child to shrink back to size

As investors react to the end of the ‘free money’ era, any stock market bubble inflated by the likes of GameStop, trillion-dollar Tesla or bitcoin is liable to collide with reality

John Foley: the chief executive of Peloton was so bullish about the business that he spent $420 million at the end of 2020 to buy Precor, a maker of fitness equipment

There are plenty of candidates to choose from in picking the companies that will be forever associated with the pandemic. One is Zoom, the online communications platform that replaced the office meeting. Another is Netflix, the movie-streaming platform that gained millions of locked-down subscribers. Or Apple, Amazon and the other big technology companies, which kept us talking and shopping throughout.

But no company better encapsulates the ephemeral nature of the moment, or the multitude of ...