Vincent Boland: Long Brexit malaise afflicting Britain will not be remedied any time soon

Empty shelves, drained petrol pumps, rising costs: the consequences of Brexit are biting hard, the British government is in denial, yet Keir Starmer and Labour still cannot capitalise politically

Boris Johnson, the UK prime minister ‘is drawing up urgent plans to avert a Christmas crisis’. Picture: Ben Stansall

Christmas is going to be an absolute blast in Britain this year. The government is to issue 5,000 visas to foreign truck drivers to address the petrol “shortage” the country is enduring – and they must all be gone by December 24. Another 5,500 visas will be made available to hire workers for poultry farms, to head off a shortage of turkeys on Britons’ festive dinner tables. The army is reportedly on standby too.

The ...