Susan O’Keeffe: United Kingdom or a united Ireland? Next DUP leader will have to face up to the debate

Already on the wrong side of the Brexit deal and of a more tolerant society, the party cannot be unaware that this is more of a crisis moment than a crossroads

That Arlene Foster’s decision to abstain, rather than voting against a ban on gay conversion therapy, would topple her from power, reveals the conservative and traditionalist state of Unionism, as served up by the DUP. Picture:

In the 100 years since partition, more than one British Prime Minister will have wished the whole political system of Northern Ireland might be submerged, such has been its reputation for confusion, stubbornness, bad-temper and violence.

And yet, one tiny crack anywhere in the union of England, Scotland, Wales and NI sends a shudder down the Westminster spine. No prime minister wants to preside over the collapse of the last real remnant of empire. After ...