Susan O’Keeffe: The Church still fails to show suitable contrition for the pain it has caused

How can the Church have credibility when its own senior representatives fail to show humility at each and every turn for the thousands of lives damaged?

‘Where instead is the Church, baring its soul, realising its own errors or discussing the need for widespread humility in the face of its own criminal and reprehensible behaviour?’ Picture: Adam Calaitzis

The Catholic Church has thrown in the towel in Ireland. Having reigned supreme over the Constitution, women’s rights and the education system for at least 100 years, senior Church officials appear to have woken up to the realities of 21st century Ireland and declared that their own position is precarious.

This shock acknowledgement appeared in a specialist seminary publication Síolta, issued once a year by St Patrick’s College, Maynooth, which trains men for the priesthood. ...