Susan O’Keeffe: Support for SME sector and rapid booster rollout essential for next phase of pandemic

We can’t go back in time and start the boosters two weeks earlier, but pushing up the rate of vaccinations in the coming weeks must be possible and must be the absolute priority

‘The country couldn’t afford the SME sector to crash and burn last year. And it can’t afford that now either. The only saviour for these businesses is government intervention.’ Picture:

Heaven help us! As if there wasn’t enough going on, we witness precious Dáil time taken up this week, with a personalised spat about what Taoiseach Micheál Martin may, or may not, have said to Labour Party leader Alan Kelly in a brief private exchange between them about Covid. Yes, everyone is fed up of it and with good cause. More importantly, people are worried about it too — about health, travel, work, business, future ...