Shane Coleman: ‘Tough as nails and cute as a fox’, you write Micheál Martin off at your peril

The Tánaiste and Fianna Fáil leader is firmly in the running for three plum posts over the next two years – European Commissioner, Taoiseach and President of Ireland

Tánaiste Micheál Martin was in irrepressible form at his party’s think-in. Picture: Rollingnews

All political careers are supposed to “end in failure”. Nobody has told Micheál Martin.

The 63-year-old Tánaiste was in irrepressible form at his party’s think-in in Tipperary last week. He scolded the media for “cheerleading” a Sinn Féin election victory as if it was a “slam dunk“, stuck the boot into the main opposition party with relish, and jokingly chastised colleagues over their unhealthy choice of breakfast in the Horse and Jockey Hotel.

Martin is ...