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Seana Glennon: State struggles to reckon with continued rise in domestic violence

As the nation mourns yet another death of a woman in violent circumstances, statistics show that, despite various legislative and policy-based actions which have been taken, the situation is getting worse

Despite the sweeping promises of politicians in the wake of domestic violence killings to address the issue once and for all, the statistics show that the situation is getting worse

The new year has heralded yet another violent death of a woman in Ireland. A vigil will take place today in Cork in memory of 28-year-old Bruna Fonseca, who was killed on New Year’s Day. Her death brings the number of women who have died violently in Ireland since 1996 to a staggering 254.

Since the national outcry over the killing of 23-year-old Ashling Murphy in Tullamore while out for a run less than one ...