Sunday February 23, 2020

Podcast: The next five years: Where to now for Ireland?

Business Post Editor Richie Oakley, accompanied by a panel of experts, leads a discussion on what the next five years have in store for Ireland

31st January, 2020

Business Post readers gathered at the Roe & Co Distillery on James St. last Wednesday the 29th of January for a discussion titled ‘The next five years: Where to now for Ireland?’

Listen to the podcast at the link below:

The discussion was moderated by Richie Oakley, Editor and Chief Content Officer at the Business Post and also featured:

Pat Rabbitte, former minister and leader of the Labour Party.

Lucinda Creighton, former TD, former Minister for Europe, founder of Renua and now chief executive of Vulcan Consulting.

Danny McCoy, chief executive of IBEC, Ireland’s largest and most influential business organisation.

Vincent Boland, the experienced and well-travelled journalist who writes the weekly Big Picture column in the Business Post .

Aidan Regan, associate professor at the School of Politics and International Relations at UCD, now also a columnist with the Business Post.

And Susan Mitchell, the paper's Deputy Editor and Health Editor.

The discussion examined the challenges Ireland faces? What policies should the next government adopt? What do businesses need? Are we at risk of taking future economic growth for granted and could events outside our control derail the country's future prospects?

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