Pat Rabbitte: Holohan debacle shows we need to look again at 100-year-old act

The Ministers and Secretaries Act of 1924, which governs the relationship between ministers and heads of departments, is at the root of the current controversy about the CMO’s appointment to Trinity

‘Tony Holohan’s reign as CMO was not error-free, which is an additional reason why his knowledge and wealth of experience ought not be lost to public health.’ Picture: Colin Keegan

Only a year ago we were trying to find a pedestal for Dr Tony Holohan, as councils the length and breadth of the country, spurred on by a thankful populace, competed to be the first to nominate him for the freedom of their city or town.

As the pandemic abated, it could fairly be argued that the chief medical officer (CMO) did the state some service – and that the state ended up doing him ...